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“Even at the first visit, I was amazed at how she was able to completely, and I really mean COMPLETELY remove all trace of pain. Not only were the migraines resolved in the first visit, but my vision cleared up!”

Initial Pain= 7 to Current Pain= 0

– Anonymous

Neck Pain

“Throughout my treatments with Dr. Sharon Stanley she has progressively reversed nearly all of my car wreck neck pain (I went through a windshield twice in 1976). From other doctors I would get some relief, but was never pain free until Dr. Stanley began treating me. I cannot believe that I have spent over 30 years searching the planet for someone to help me. Dr. Stanley is a rare find and a natural- born healer. “

Initial Pain= 8 to Current Pain= 1

– Jennifer W.

Back Pain

“Before I came in to Bellingham Osteopathic Center I had severe back pain each night while laying in bed and could not find a position to fall asleep. I could not get rid of the deep pain within my lower back no matter what I tried: stretches, massages and muscle creams. After just 4 visits (once per week for one month) with Dr. Stanley I had no more back pain! I believe it had been 20+ years since I felt pain free, and I have not felt back pain since my 4th treatment which was over 3 years ago. It truly is a miracle!”

Initial Pain= 7 to Current Pain= 0

– Wendy P.

Lower Back Pain

“I have had intermittent, throbbing pain in my lower back for over 10 years. I hadn’t heard of Osteopathy, but was willing to try it so I could get a good night’s sleep. After my treatment with Dr. Swan my pain was completely alleviated. I am encouraging my family to come to Bellingham Osteopathic Center and see Dr. Swan. Retired National Ski Patrol member.”

Initial Pain= 4 to Current Pain= 0

– Elizabeth J.

Back & Hip Pain

“I came in for treatment with lower back and hip pain. I had an MRI which my Dr. recommended that I have surgery or shots for. I didn’t feel this was my course of action. I tried Chiropractic adjustments which were painful. My very 1st treatment with Dr. Swan relieved a 5 month off-and-on headache! I began to feel relief for my back, hip and knee with each visit and after 1 ½ months, I’m down to 1-3 on pain scale and almost ready to resume my full scale activities. Dr. Swan is a compassionate, skilled and endearing practitioner who connects with his patients with positive energy!”

Initial Pain= 7+ to Current Pain= 1

– Nancy L.

Chronic Pain

“For 40 years I have had incurable diseases, three with ongoing chronic pain and fatigue. I cannot use pain killers anymore which have caused severe stomach problems and chronic insomnia. Treatments with Dr. Swan began to gradually reverse the pain, fatigue and insomnia. I have enjoyed complete pain reduction without the use of harsh chemical drugs which are difficult for my liver, kidneys and stomach to process. I am in real bliss and total gratitude.”

Initial Pain= 10 to Current Pain= 1-2

– Anonymous


“I came to see Dr. Stanley as a broken woman. I had severe gastrointestinal problems and frequent bouts of vertigo. I was on a variety of prescription medicines, but my symptoms kept getting worse. With a gentle touch and expert knowledge, Dr. Stanley re-aligned my body and put me back together. I am symptom- free and prescription- free for the first time in 10 years!”

Initial Pain= 10 to Current Pain= 0

– Jennifer C

Athletic Recovery

“Sharon is a miracle worker- REALLY! I was skeptical initially, but heard from multiple sources that Dr. Stanley helped old jocks rehabilitate so they could continue with their zealous endeavors. It was great advice!”

Initial Pain= 7 to Current Pain= 1

– Anonymous


“Truth be told after 30 years of misdiagnosis, mind-numbing pain and untold visits to doctors, I was suicidally depressed -in a dark abyss. Being in the care and support of Dr. Swan pulled me out of that place – he is loving, compassionate and integrous as well as a knowledgeable medical provider. He saved my life. I now access my creativity and capacities to deal with whatever life has to offer.”

Initial Pain= 10 to Current Pain= 0

– Anonymous

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